Our reasonably priced menu provides a new take on Old World standards as well as fresh seafood, tasty pub fare to satisfy the munchies and a few items that might surprise you. Our ostrich meatloaf is a healthier version of a favorite comfort food that doesn't sacrifice the taste, while we build our daily specials based on what's in season.

Our kitchen emphasizes fresh ingredients and preparation throughout the menu. There are also plenty of opportunities for indulgence. Halley's Irish Potato Cakes with a warm goat cheese sauce or Guinness Chocolate Pudding will surely make you melt.

Best pints in Charlotte
No one else in town serves a better pint of Guinness, or any other beer for that matter. Here's why.
When we originally opened in 1995, we made a substantial investment in our 11-tap dispensing system, just as we did when we installed an updated system in 2010.
  • We keep our kegs cooled at a consistent temperature of 39 degrees.
  • The lines are also cooled to 39 degrees, from the kegs to the taps.
  • Valves or FOBs (Foam on Beer Detectors) on the taps ensure that lines are sealed when not in use, so outside air does not seep in.
  • The correct gas mixture for each beer is strictly followed to enhance flavor and presentation, based on the beer maker's instructions. For example, Guinness and Old Speckled Hen are infused with a mixture that is mostly nitrogen based rather than solely carbon dioxide.

In addition to our international selection of stout beers, pale ales, lagers and amber beers, we also offer an intriguing wine list and small-batch bourbon and Scotch. Our experienced bartenders can help guide you with suggestions or answer any questions.